Highest Converting Dating Niche Affiliate and Referral Program

dating affiliates and referrals program

How to Make Money Out of LoadedCash

If you run an adult site (including non-adult) or blog, then you can certainly benefit from LoadedCash.com’s dating affiliate program. Even those who do not own a site or blog can still benefit from the site by sending them targeted traffic. Basically, you will act as an affiliate marketer of the site. By bringing a lot of traffic to the website, you will be paid some cash in exchange.

The great thing about the site is that they would a lot of interesting promos for their marketers, such as Pay per Sale, also known as PPS, which allows you to earn as much as $80 per sale. LoadedCash.com accepts all sorts of traffic to their site and they can send you payment every two weeks.

What is LoadedCash?

LoadedCash is a website for web publishers who are looking for ways to easily earn money in the World Wide Web. The company has been developing dating vertical platforms for several years now and they have a team of Account Managers whom you can work with directly in order to help your business to grow.

The website also helps several affiliate marketers to earn money in a fast and easy way. If you check out some reviews written about LoadedCash.com in the Internet, you will find that there are so many ways on how you can earn money from this site.

How to Earn Money from LoadedCash

So here comes the most interesting part – earning money from LoadedCash.com. There are actually several payout plans that you can take advantage of in LoadedCash.  First of all, you could earn $60 each time a guest would sign up to become a member. You can also learn up to $6 for leads and receive up to 60% revenue share on the dating sites and other niche sites.

There is also a ten percent referral fee that you could end up earning from LoadedCash. The ten percent referral fee means that you will receive ten percent out of the money that your referrals will earn from LoadedCash.

Ways to Promote LoadedCash

So what are the various ways on how you can promote LoadedCash in order to earn big? Refer to the following tips below.

  • First of all, place eye-catching banners on your website. You can’t go wrong with a leaderboard or skyscraper banner.
  • Share the links on some of the most popular social networking sites.
  • Focus on article marketing by writing articles to promote the site, as well as the products and services that it promotes.

Do You Need to Pay in Order to become an Affiliate?

Some people think that signing up to become a dating affiliate of LoadedCash would require them to pay a fee. But actually, there is no cost involved to become an affiliate marketer. As a matter of fact, you can start making money immediately, right after you sign up.

As soon as you log in, simply access the various portfolios in LoadedCash.com so you can start converting traffic and earning money immediately. For more information about making money at LoadedCash, simply check out the website and refer to the FAQ section right at the bottom of the homepage.

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